Why Family ID Pro Identity Theft Protection

FAMILY ID PRO™ is a division of Source International, Inc. Simply stated, FAMILY ID PRO’s™ individual and family identity theft protection is one of, if not the least expensive identity theft protection product providing distinctive quality benefits, service and reliability. FAMILY ID PRO’s™ pricing structure enables you to purchase family identity theft protection for less than you would usually pay for individual identity theft protection from most providers, while receiving the same necessary benefits, and more. FAMILY ID PRO’s™ benefits include sufficient identity theft expense recovery reimbursement insurance at a reasonable cost.

FAMILY ID PRO™ believes that a program which only resolves identity theft is an outdated program. In today’s world, and given the way that individuals use information, you and your family should have multiple pathways to use our service without being the victim of identity theft. Our program offers a comprehensive suite of services to help manage your personal identity and private information during various life events, including assistance in situations you may confront in natural disasters.

Our individual and family identity theft protection benefits do not include expensive cyber and "Dark Web" monitoring and alerts that you may unlikely use. This service requires you and your family to activate them online by registering your, your spouse's and children’s private personal information including but not inclusive of social security number, social media and bank accounts along with their respective logon names and passwords potentially placing your personal information at further risk. Credit and Dark Web monitoring only tell you that your identity has been stolen and someone is using it or selling it. As a "USA Today" article says, "it’s like getting hit by a bus and someone standing over you and telling you that you've been run over by a bus". Having an identity theft protection (resolution) product in place is critical at this point. As stated above, a personal or family identity theft event can take you a lifetime to correct without the assistance of a professional. Third party identity theft resolution services make your involvement minimal and have resources and protocols in place to assist you. In most cases your identity and credit will be restored to pre-event status.

The "Dark Web" is extremely difficult to monitor effectively (see our FAQ's, "Can the Dark Web be Monitored?") and many credit card companies already provide alerts to their cardholders. Placing a "freeze" on your credit bureau account directly with the credit bureaus is inexpensive, sometimes free for children, and one of the most effective ways to protect you from identity theft.

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