What We Cover

Plans are currently available only in the following states: Colorado – Florida – Minnesota – Missouri - Montana – New Hampshire – Oregon - Wisconsin

Summary of Benefits

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Insurance is provided by Lyndon Southern Insurance Company



Full identity fraud resolution
$50,000 Expense Recovery Reimbursement
Personal Disaster Services
Social Media Services
Break-in Information Protection
Document Replacement Services
Dignity and Beneficiary Services
Transitions and Address Relocation Services
Protection for Minors Services
Marriage and Divorce Identity Services
Medical Identity Theft Services
Password Protection
Credit Reports & Credit Scores
Credit Freezes
Credit Alerts
Virus Scans
Antivirus Protection
Malware Removal
Anonymous Browser
Privacy Browser
Recent Data Breach Information
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Resolution of existing privacy issues:

  • Fraud resolution service resolves problems of identity theft and related fraud issues. The most common include: identity theft, medical identity theft, criminal identity theft, synthetic identity theft, account takeover, and credit card fraud. This is full resolution by an advocate who has expertise in investigating and resolving fraud that does the restoration for you or your family member.
  • Social media and cellphones service provides a trusted resource for education on changes to various social media platforms, information and tip sheets to protect information, and a reactive solution to investigate and resolve problems which may arise from having an online presence.
  • Spousal estate settlement services include review and suppression of deceased’s credit file, resolution of relevant fraud issues, identification of credit accounts at the time of death, procurement of relevant documents and guidance to settle the estate and more.
  • Medical Identity Theft is one of the most virulent and fastest growing identity fraud crimes. Our fraud specialists will work with members to address the complex issues associated with this crime within the confines of the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA).


Urgent privacy assistance:

  • Travel privacy assistance this service aids in the replacement of lost or stolen documentation, financial protection, continued access to financial accounts, allowing the purpose of the trip to continue.
  • Transitions and address change increase the risk of fraud dramatically.  This service will assist with change of address notifications and advise on the appropriate way to move sensitive information. Should sensitive documents be misplaced during the move, our fraud department will assist with their replacement.
  • Document replacement service aids in assisting your replacement of crucial documents lost during a personal crises or disaster.


Specialized privacy protection:

  • Change in marital status service provides a fraud specialist who will conduct an Identity Review of the respective credit files before marriage or after a divorce to determine if either has been victimized by identity theft. If fraud is suspected, case-managed resolution will begin.
  • Child privacy protection service provides educational resources and effective tools for parents and educators seeking to address situations of a minor facing the trauma of being bullied or targeted by peers or predators on social media and cell phones.
  • Protecting military families. Criminals realize that fraud against deployed personnel takes longer to be discovered and more damage to be done. Our fraud specialists will place Active Duty Military Fraud Alerts on their credit files and remove their name from pre- approved credit card offers and other personalized marketing for two years. The service also offers specialized assistance to retired military.
  • Protection following break-ins provides service by our fraud department to initiate protective measures.


Disaster Services:

  • Website with personal disaster preparation information, tools and kits
  • Mobile Application
  • Concierge telephonic support to you when involved in disaster and to help you locate safe shelter, manage special situations such as a dependent senior or disabled family member, assistance with securing safe shelter for pets, locating medical assistance
  • Central telephonic location for leaving or retrieving messages from family and loved ones
  • Document Replacement Services
  • Post-disaster telephonic support for resettling and restoring after a disaster
  • Transitions and Address Relocation Services
  • Resolving identity theft as a result of the disaster


Educational Website Link

FAMILY ID PRO™ provides you with website to access informative sources, information, and articles.


Customer Service Concierge Desk

You receive an email address and phone number which will take you to our Customer Service Concierge Desk. You will be working with an experienced, knowledgeable US-based Cyber, Privacy, Disaster Assistance and Identity Theft Specialist.


Identity Theft Expense Reimbursement

You will receive up to $50,000 per claim for qualified expenses directly related to your identity theft:

  • Two claims during a 12 month period
  • Legal Expenses: Reasonable and necessary attorney fees or court costs associated with defending any suit brought against You by merchants, financial institutions or other credit grantors, or their collection agencies, or the removal of any criminal or civil judgment wrongly entered against You as a result of Identity Theft;
  • Lost Wages ($1,000 per week for up to 4 weeks): Actual U.S. wages or salary You lose as a direct result of time off work taken by You to report or address the effects of Identity Theft;
  • Miscellaneous: Loan applications fees, long distance telephone costs, mailing and postage costs, costs of having affidavits or other documents notarized. Cost to purchase up to four (4) credit reports from any of the three major credit bureaus (Experian, Equifax, or TransUnion). The credit reports may be purchased only after the Identity Theft has occurred and for the purpose of correcting inaccuracies that occur as a result of Identity Theft.