About Us

Our goal at about-usFAMILY ID PRO™ is to offer individual and family identity theft protection at no-nonsense inexpensive prices while providing the most practical and up to date identity theft protection product available. We won’t inflate our prices by worrying you into purchasing product you don’t need, or won’t use. We will empower you to protect yourself, and your entire immediate family, from identity theft at an incredibly sensible price. If you experience an Identity Theft we will have your good name and credit restored to pre-event status. We’ll provide you with adequate identity theft recovery expense reimbursement insurance in the event you lose time at work, need an attorney or incur other related expenses due to an identity theft*.

We invite you to review our "Why FAMILY ID PRO™" tab, as well as our "FAQ’s" on this website for straightforward information about what identity theft protection is, how it works and if it is worth it, as well as information on the "Dark Web"

* Refer to specific identity theft expense reimbursement coverage under our “Protection Services” tab.

FAMILY ID PRO™ is a division of Source International, Inc., who since 1992 has been providing finance and insurance products to consumers, merchants and financial institutions nationwide. FAMILY ID PRO™ has selected experienced and reliable partners to bring you the services and protections that you and your family will most likely utilize, and provide you with multiple pathways to use your benefits.