Why you should protect yourself from Identity Theft!

Posted by Lara Anthony on

Cyber crime is on the rise and you need to protect yourself and your family!  Technology has made it so easy for us to conduct our lives with the internet.  From online banking, text messaging and social media, where we can live video chat with our Aunt Nellie that’s a 1,000 miles away, like she’s sitting in our living room with us. Has it made us lazy?  Are we not paying attention to how much of our personal information is floating in cyber space?  All of our medical records are now on a virtual cloud somewhere and so is all of our social media conduct.  Hope you all were behaving like respectable citizens.  Because, we live our lives online, the criminals are finding new and creative ways to steal from  us and get away with it!  Folks, these are smart criminals.  They can hack into the mainframe systems and access our personal data.  They know more about us than we probably realize.  Because of this, they are finding new ways to use the information for their financial gain!

One of my colleagues had someone file her personal taxes and try to collect a refund. Another colleague had a group of friends go on shopping spree with  credit from box stores, they had gotten away with over $6,000 in purchases before she even found out!   We need to realize these criminals are learning new ways to go about getting our personal information and using it for their benefit and we’re paying for it!  Do you really want to pay for “Patricia’s ” shopping spree at Belk’s department store?   Luckily, they were able to catch the thieves and prosecute them, but what if they had gotten away with it and you’re stuck paying the bill?

Has this ever happened to you?  What was the outcome?  Could you have done something to protect yourself?  I my opinion, education is key!  We must educate ourselves on how much of our personal lives is available on the world wide web and who is looking to use that information for their benefit.

What can we do about it?  There are lots of ways we can start protecting ourselves. Change passwords regularly, awareness of how much personal information we’re giving out and whether we are using secure websites etc….  Identity Theft protection is available now from various sources.  I recommend everyone look into a product that would work for them.  The one I personally use is, www.familyidpro.com.  I recently had a business that I brokered for, somehow, someone obtain my social security number and apply for credit on a furniture purchase 600 miles away in another city! Family ID Pro signed an advocate to me,  to help me clear the credit inquiries and make sure that the breach was contained.

Do your research!  Find a program that works for you.  Please comment below any questions or advice you can share with us!


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